Solution to Polygon-Concavity-Index by codility

18 Oct


Question Name: Polygon-Concavity-Index or PolygonConcavityIndex

Thanks to Robert Sedgewick, the Youtube video (Algorithms, Part I – Convex Hull) tells everything about this problem.

5 Replies to “Solution to Polygon-Concavity-Index by codility

  1. Hi! I do not understand how exactly to do it in languages that can have arithmetic overflow in functions like _IsClockwise. Levi

    • hmm~ Good catch! Python does not have the overflow issue. And Java has BigInteger/BigDecimal. For C/C++, you can have a similar big number class or use more if-else in overflow detection.

  2. Is following code really required in above solution?

  3. This is my C++ solution:

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