Unofficial Solutions to Cracking the Coding Interview (5th Edition)

Here is my C solutions for the problems in the book “Cracking the Coding Interview (5th Edition)”. Some chapters are related with OOP, Java and so on. So there is no C solutions for them.
Chapter 1: Arrays and Strings:

Chapter 2: Linked Lists:

Chapter 3: Stacks and Queues:

12 Replies to “Unofficial Solutions to Cracking the Coding Interview (5th Edition)

  1. Hi Sheng, thanks for the website. Great resource!
    Any resource you suggest for solutions of “cracking the coding interview” in Python?

  2. Thanks for this website, really useful. A question about that slogan in the banner, “C code. C code run. Run code run…please!”
    What does it mean? It appears to be an attempt at humor, but I’m afraid I don’t get it…

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