The Story Between Code and Me

Welcome, my friends! Here is a space to store some information pieces about my code and my life. I am a coder, a plain and happy coder. As long as I began my university life, coding and code become part of my life.
Here are some dumped memories about my code story:

  • C: is my first programming language. I met it in the first semester of my under-graduate study. It is simple and powerful. The first time, that I saw my name on screen with print() function, is definitely one of the most memorable times during my undergraduate stage. It is also C programming language that firstly tells me how tough to find a bug. Currently, it is still the best alternate of Python for me.
  • VB: to be exact, it is VB6. I have not seen it for a very long time. But before, I had a pretty good time with VB. Once I made an assistant tool for a web-based game in our dormitory’s internal network. With the help of that simple tool, my friends and I got an overwhelming advantage in the game. Besides, it was hard to enroll some classes, because there were so many students for very limited slots. Again, thanks to VB6, most of we enrolled with another tool, that I made. Technically these tools are quite simple. But they really gifted us lots of fun and help.
  • C++: very powerful and complicated. I used it in some projects in my master stage. But I do not use it much in my daily life. Even though sometimes I use the C++ based IDEs, such as VC and BCB, I prefer the C-style programming for small tasks. Once a time, I thought the BCB, Borland C++ Builder, was the best IDE in the world. But sadly, it failed in the war with Visual Studio from Microsoft.
  • Assembly language: I learned some X86 and Windows assembly language. Even though I never coded with assembly language, it does help me to understand the computer and information security better.
  • PHP: as simple as it advertised. With the perfect bundle LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), we, two newbies of PHP, created the first websites of my life within two months. Ohhhh yes, the website is a little too ugly. But it functions well. I also made a web-based monitor center for my projects. That is the first time and the only time in my master stage, when I coded all night long. I worked out the prototype of the system in that night.
  • Python: the simplest and most powerful programming language, I’ve even used! I cannot image what if I lose Python forever. I clearly remember the first time I used Python. My advisor asked me to send emails to the reviewers of our conference. These emails had the same body, but different titles and attachments. I have never studied Python before that day. But with Google and “Dive Into Python”, I finished it, just with one day! Now, Python is my first choice. Almost all my programming assignments and research works are done with Python.

I hope

I could continue to enjoy coding in the rest of my life.


My code could live in every corner of the earth one day.

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  1. Hello Shang, can I get to know you? I have interest in algorithm and miht need your help with codility. Please, send me a mail. Thanks.

    • Sorry I do not have that much time. My Python solution is not so Pythonic. You do not need any Python background to understand it. Also some visitors shared their c/c++ solution in the comments.

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