Solution to Abs-Distinct by codility

29 Jan


Question Name: AbsDistinct

In the original requirement, expected worst-case space complexity is O(N). But actually, O(1) is enought.

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    • Thanks for sharing your solutions!

      FYI: if hash table is permitted, one line in Python is enough:
      return len(set([abs(item) for item in A]))

      I love Pythonnnnn!!!

      • I know this is rather ancient thread, but do you mind if I post a Java 8 stream one-line solution, just for fun?

  1. Scarface, Codility’s complexity detection is just trying to guess (I don’t know how, though) but Sheng’s solution is O(N).

    • I do not know the details neither. But the detection complexity is not very accurate, as I talked with the staffs in Codility.

  2. Hi, can someone please elaborate a bit more on the key idea behind Caterpillar method? I read the document from codility and can sort of understand that it normally requires using two indices. But I feel I don’t fully understand the key principle of this idea.
    On LeetCode, there is one tag called Two Pointer; is the idea of two pointer the same as caterpillar method?


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