Solution to Contains Duplicate by LeetCode

20 Aug

Question: Question Name: Contains Duplicate In general, I found two solutions. The first solution is using hash set:

The second solution is using sorting. We could sort the input and check each pair of adjacent items. Or we could early … Read More »

Solution to Combination Sum III by LeetCode

15 Aug

Question: Question Name: Combination Sum III This is a typical recursion problem. Find out the base case and recursive cases, and that’s the right solution.

Solution to Kth Largest Element in an Array by LeetCode

10 Jun

Question: Question Name: Kth Largest Element in an Array This is exactly the quick-select.

Solution to Shortest Palindrome by LeetCode

8 Jun

Question: Question Name: Shortest Palindrome This is a variant of Longest Palindromic Substring. The key point is to convert the original question as following: 1. Shortest Palindrome by adding any characters in the head.  Therefore the original string “original” is going … Read More »

Solution to Cyclic-Rotation by codility

9 Feb

Question: Question Name: Cyclic-Rotation or CyclicRotation With Python’s syntactic sugar, the solution is pretty short.

Well, kind of too easy. Let’s try a C++ solution to demo the details better. Thanks to @micropentium6, the original C++ solution is … Read More »

Solution to Add and Search Word – Data Structure Design by LeetCode

8 Jan

Question: Question Name: Add and Search Word – Data Structure Design This is a variant of prefix tree (trie).

Solution to Course Schedule II by LeetCode

3 Jan

Question: Question Name: Course Schedule II